Xuanlynn Wang

“Those unsightly body parts that are labeled by this world, will eventually turn into the most gorgeous texture in art”



Xuanlynn Wang
+32 499251645
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To be a plant in four degrees of winter

“To be a plant in the four degrees of winter” is a photograph collection made by the artist Xuanlin Wang in 2021. “Just like every human has a soul that cannot be clearly defined, every tree, leaf, and branch has some sort of soul within. In the human world, sometimes, we hew their life into the majority of worthless products, sometimes, we prune them in the way of beauty that we define. Each natural item grows in a different silhouette from the mother of earth, just like a person. So do I. For most of the time, I mentally become aware of my connection with nature rather than a human being. Sometimes, I wish I could be a plant and live in the four degrees of the winter “ - Xuanlynn Wang.