Xuanlynn Wang

“The labels of this world affix
to flesh with scorn, yet with time,
the canvas of the body transforms
into a masterpiece reborn.”


Xuanlynn Wang
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The paper stone

In the sculpture projects of “Bio; O- infinitas” and “The paper stone”, I had an epiphany about the essence of life as art. The mode of life for each of us is to express who we are as an individual person, including the product we had, the environment we stayed in, and the object we abandoned. Normally, we only value the items we choose and disregard the items we left behind. The aim of the two sculpture collections is to directly observe and document the creator’s habits in life which will build the relationship between the creator and her art. The artwork will emphasise our oblivion to the products we left behind and as a means to create an individual discussion of our relationship with the natural environment in our personal lifestyles.

The whole collection is created from the egg box and the dead plant from Xuanlin's studio which forms the natural texture to build a natural structure; a stone found in nature. This project is to document her habits and observe the inevitable garbage, e.g. egg box, which explores her own relationship between art and life by offering her life’s waste to be morphed into a form of art.