Xuanlynn Wang

“Those unsightly body parts that are labeled by this world, will eventually turn into the most gorgeous texture in art”



Xuanlynn Wang
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Environment conciseness magazine
④ The Wall

In 2017 I took the first picture of "the wall” (image at the left) at a fish market that used to be a retro factory and wrote in my diary: “I want you to draw a painting on the wall, without brush and pigment. Only time and nature could draw it bleak but beautiful”. I vividly remember when I raised my head, having a quick scan of the surroundings unconsciously. I was speechless and overwhelmed by the beauty of the wall, which was oblivious to me. After that, I was starting to think about the influence of that photo. When I started to write the researcher project, I got the epiphany by that wall, and I proposed the hypothesis theory of environment consciousness. The wall carried a lot of weight, time, space, wind, and sand. The words it accumulated over the sun and the moon for him to be able to become a good storyteller and a nice painter.

牆,他是啟發我環境意識假說的根源。2017 年我在廢棄工廠的魚市場裡拍了一張潮濕牆面的照片後(圖二左圖),我在我的日記寫道:「我想要你在牆上幫我畫一幅畫、無須畫筆、無須顏料,只須時間與風雨,便美的淒涼。」我還深刻的記得當時我那個不經意的抬頭看這著那面牆,被他的美驚艷到啞口無言的霎那。從那時開始思考那張照片對我的影響。2021年當我在撰寫研究計畫的時候,我提出了環境意識假說的概念。牆,他乘載了很多重量,時間,空間與風沙,他日月積累的話語,以至於能讓他說出一段好聽的故事,而創造出一幅好的畫作。