Xuanlynn Wang

“Those unsightly body parts that are labeled by this world, will eventually turn into the most gorgeous texture in art”



Xuanlynn Wang
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Bio-system is a circular ecological system with 100% environmentally friendly resources and materials but without causing any pollutants. The ingredients of the materials are connected by water from the natural environment and it can return back into nature, like a natural ecological cycle. “Temporary” is the essence and belief of the Bio-system to present beauty in the way of ephemeral instead of perennial.

The aim of making natural materials is to question the balance between our natural environment and art and to begin a discussion of the relationship between the human body and the consequences of our environmental issues. The Bio-system, which is focused on the natural ecological concept, represents the sustainable spirit in the context of the aesthetics in the way of temporary. Creator Xuanlin Wang, endeavour is to collaborate between design and the natural environment within the artworks.

Bio-system, which is focused on the natural ecological system, is inspired by the personal daily waste of the human which is abandoned in our natural surroundings, and the natural elements in the context of the environment. In the material photos, the core ingredients, which include the leaf, tea leaves, flower, orange, grapefruit, fruit peel, coffee, and etc., will appear on the right side of the photograph. Water is a significant medium to connect this ecosystem to be a circular sustainable circle.

This experimental project was developed by Xuanlin Wang's in her one-year master program, completed from September of 2019 to July of 2020 basic in the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp.