Xuanlynn Wang

“Those unsightly body parts that are labeled by this world, will eventually turn into the most gorgeous texture in art”



Xuanlynn Wang
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Billboard project
-Body tattoo

Billboard project in Antwerp city 2020.

Ain't got no people,
ain’t got no shop,
ain’t got no friends,
ain’t got no bar,
ain’t got no stranger,
ain’t got no concert,
ain’t got no hug,
ain’t got no kiss.

Ain’t got no freedom.

What have I got
Nobody can take away?

I got the sun,
got the air,
got the water,
got the cloud,
got the shadow,
got the time,

I’ve got my body,
got myself.

I’ve got the life.

I’ve got the art.

Art has no need of us.
It’s staying here from day to night.
It is something that always be there.

-Xuanlynn Wang.

*Wroting during the Covid-19 pandemic and isolated from home in 2020.
  1. 04–2020